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Gluten Free Food in Luton at The Wigmore

Looking for gluten free food in Luton? Come to The Wigmore…we’ve got gluten free covered and, most importantly, your gluten free choices are delicious too!

Served in our cosy restaurant all day Sunday and Monday, you can enjoy our freshly cooked chips and selected fish gluten free. Choose from: cod, haddock, skate and plaice and we’ll coat your choice in our tasty gluten free batter, cook it fresh and serve it with a smile!

Grilled fish options are also available if you prefer your fish without batter and there’s even a yummy gluten free curry sauce to go with your fish and chips. And, because we know just how important it is to find honest gluten free food in Luton that is cooked to the most meticulous standards, all our pans and utensils are thoroughly cleaned before use (which is a standard procedure).

We also use new oils in our pans on Sundays and Mondays to ensure there’s no chance of the oil being contaminated with foods that contain gluten.

So, when you’re looking for gluten free food in Luton book a table at our restaurant, call us on: 01582 955 855, or simply pop in! Enjoy freshly cooked food – your gluten free way.

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