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Say hello to the Wigmore Kidz

We have some brand new residents at The Wigmore. Say hello to the Wigmore Kidz, the new and friendly faces for our all kids’ meals.

Meet Taylor, Benji and Danny, and their sidekick Wiggie of course. Our new kids’ restaurant menus come complete with fun and games to keep your little ones happy while they tuck into their fish and chips. From mazes and colouring competitions to word-searches and more, there’s plenty to keep all members of the family amused.

Our big Wigmore Kidz board is also now up and running in our shop so come down and take a look. It’s great for keeping the youngsters entertained while we whip up your lovely fish and chips.

The Wigmore Kidz love their fish and chips, especially when they have one of our delicious desserts as well, so it’ll be clean plates all round. And the Kidz are here to stay – we’ve just launched our new online Wigmore Kidz page, with lots of fun and games as well as competitions. Click here to take a look and enjoy.

Come in and say hello to the Wigmore Kidz today.

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