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Our New and Improved Whitby Scampi

We’ve made an exciting update to The Wigmore menu. We’re now serving new and improved wholetail Whitby Scampi, which brings you even better taste in every succulent mouthful. You can enjoy this tasty teatime favourite straight from our restaurant or takeaway menu.

Our new scampi comes straight from Whitby in Yorkshire, one of the UK’s most traditional fishing ports. If you didn’t already know, scampi is a langoustine, also know as a Dublin Bay Prawn, and a member of the lobster family. Each bite-size piece of our scampi is a whole tail of a single langoustine, covered in crispy, golden-brown bread crumbs. Delicious.

Our wholetail scampi is the best quality and has a naturally large size, giving you even more scampi per mouthful, and all with a lovely, freshly caught flavour. Our new and improved recipe adds even more taste so you can enjoy the best scampi our British waters have to offer.

If you’d like to give our tasty new scampi a try, come down to The Wigmore and place your order. Who doesn’t love a freshly cooked, golden brown helping of the best Whitby scampi? It’s a Wigmore favourite that’s for sure. Make sure to let us know what you think!

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